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4 Benefits of Switching to Aluminum-Free Deodorant


Deodorant is an essential item for hygiene to help control body odor and keep your underarms fresh throughout the day. But, have you ever checked the ingredients in your deodorant? A common ingredient in deodorants and antiperspirants is aluminum. Aluminum blocks sweat glands and prevent sweating, however, it may also have harmful effects on the body.

First, let’s discuss what aluminum is and its potential risks to your health. Aluminum is a metal that is commonly used to block sweat and prevent bacteria growth. According to a report in the National Library of Medicine,”it has also been suggested that aluminum may play a role in the occurrence of diseases such as breast cancer and Alzheimer’s dementia.” Although it's not conclusive, it’s safer to avoid products with aluminum in them. Therefore, switching to aluminum-free deodorants can help in reducing the risk of exposure to this potentially harmful substance, and it doesn't hurt to play it safe when it comes to what you put in your body. With an aluminum-free deodorant, you can be confident that you're not absorbing aluminum into your body every time you apply it. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider switching to aluminum free deodorant.

1. Safer for Your Health

In a report in ScienceDirect, researchers say that “application of aluminum-based antiperspirant salts to the underarm provides a specific high and lifetime exposure level in the local area of the human breast.” Which is important to note because one of the first places “that breast cancer commonly spreads to outside the breast are the lymph nodes in the armpit (axillary nodes).

While there is no “direct link” between aluminum and cancer, according to the American Cancer Society, using an aluminum-free deodorant is better as you’re not putting unnecessary chemicals in your body.

2. Natural Ingredients

Aluminum-free deodorants usually contain natural ingredients that are gentler on the skin. For example, regular deodorants have harmful chemicals such as aluminum, parabens, triclosan, phthalates, and propylene glycol. Our goat milk deodorant stick is aluminum-free, gentle on your skin, doesn’t clog pores, and full of skin-beneficial vitamins and nutrients naturally found in goat milk.

3. No Stains on Clothes

Have you ever noticed that your deodorant leaves white marks on your clothes and you don’t notice them until you’re out and about? Aluminum reacts with sweat, which is why if you have light shirts with stains, that’s likely the cause of them. These stains can also be tough to remove from clothes. Switching to an aluminum-free deodorant can prevent these stains and keep your favorite clothes looking new and clean. Our deodorant is non-greasy and applies without worrying about stains or white marks, while also being an effective odor protector.

4. No Strong Fragrances

Deodorants containing aluminum usually have strong fragrances to mask the sweat odor, however, these fragrances may cause an allergic reaction or skin irritation. Our deodorant stick is fragrance free and a blend of 100% natural botanical orange oil with top notes of fresh orange zest.

Detoxing when changing deodorants is essential for a smooth transition because this will allow your armpits time to adjust to the new deodorant. This detox typically takes 2-4 weeks and enables your body to regulate itself and embrace natural sweating. It's perfectly normal to experience increased sweating during this period, so don’t worry if you are. To ease the detox process, take warm baths and reapply your deodorant as needed.

Shop our goat milk deodorant stick and stop putting toxic chemicals in your body; your clothes will stay looking fresh and new too.

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