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Head-To-Toe Goat Milk Hydration Kit

Experience the transformation of your skin with this goat milk head to toe hydration kit.  This kit features top-performing items including goat milk beauty balm, goat milk sole soother balm, goat milk body lotion with retinol and goat milk body serum with collagen to help smooth and refine your skin's texture and enhances its radiance.

Head-To-Toe Goat Milk Hydration Kit

Clean ingredients
Dermatologist tested
Great for all skin types
Made with goat milk, retinol and collagen

Goat milk, loaded with vitamins & nutrients, preserves your skin's microbiome, and helps the skin to maintain moisture and suppleness.

Body lotion with Retinol & Body Serum with Collagen are fragrance free.
Sole Soother Balm is fragrance free
Beauty Balm has a mild creamy coconut fragrance

Body Serum with Collagen: Apply generously to damp or dry skin to lock in moisture. Layer your favorite Dionis body lotion once absorbed. This serum is for body only.

Body Lotion with Retinol: Apply this goat milk lotion with retinol at night. For daytime, follow with broad spectrum sunscreen rated SPF 30 or greater. Use only once per day. This lotion is for body only.

Beauty Balm: Apply a small amount and blend until absorbed. Use it to tame flyaway hair, highlight cheekbones, as a lip balm, cuticle cream, or apply it to any dry spot to add moisture without all the grease.

Sole Soother: Rub stick along cracked heels, knees, or elbows and blend until fully absorbed to soften and smooth.


Customer Reviews

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Emma Storm
Skin is so soft

I haven't got to try everything yet. But i'm very excited to try each and every item. I have been using the sole keeper For about a week now and that stubborn spot on my big toe finally went away. I am an electrician and oftentimes. I'm on my knees with my feet bent under me. That's why my toe gets so rough. I thought it was something. I was just gonna have to learn to live with. When I go get a pedicure, they refuse to take the rough skin off against their policy, I guess. I was just telling my husband I think I can save a ton of money on pedicures because this works so well. I don't need callous removal my feet are already soft and smooth! Some people may think the price is a bit high. But I know a pedicure is at least $50. So I believe the sole keeper is a good value.
That means I get to have soft feet all month long. I know I'm running on. I just really love this product. It's my new favorite product ;D
My son has chronically dry hands and I can't wait for him to try it. I'm gonna bring it to him tomorrow. Thank you so much for having an american made quality product.

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