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Taking Your Lip Care Routine to the Next Level with Lip Masks


Lips are one of the most ignored parts of our skincare routine. While we take care of our face and body, our lips are left dry, chapped, and uncared for. Lip care is an important aspect of overall skincare, and a lip mask routine is a great way to pamper your lips and keep them moisturized, healthy, and youthful-looking. Say goodbye to chapped lips once and for all! Boost your lip care game with a simple lip mask routine and why you should include your lips in your daily skincare routine.

What is a Lip Mask Routine?

A lip mask routine involves applying a mask or a balm to hydrate and rejuvenate your lips, making them plump, soft, and healthy-looking. These masks come in various forms, such as a lip balm, lip treatment, or a multi-purpose beauty balm.

Benefits of a Lip Mask Routine

Having a lip care routine helps:

  • Increase hydration.
  • Keep lips soft and smooth.
  • Protect lips from wrinkles, fine lines and age spots.
  • Prevents dryness, chapping, and cracking caused by exposure to the sun, wind, and cold.

Incorporating a lip mask routine into your daily skincare routine is easy and hassle-free, and your lips will thank you. We have three great lip products for you. Check them out now!

Goat Milk Lip Balm

Keep your lips feeling moisturized, soft, and hydrated with our goat milk lip balm, and be sure to apply throughout the day as needed, to lock in moisture. This lip balm is made with beeswax blended goal milk, shea butter, and coconut oil for a deliciously fresh smell and feel!

Here are some of our best selling goat milk lip balms, but you can shop all flavors here.

Watermelon Burst Goat Milk Lip Balm


Goat Butter Lip Mask

A daily must-have, this ultra-nourishing and moisturizing goat butter overnight leave-on lip mask will make your lips feel super soft in the morning. Made with goat milk + jojoba, raspberry, and moringa oils, this gentle formula will add moisture to cracked, chapped, and dry lips while you sleep. Add this lip mask to your nightly routine.

Goat Butter Lip Mask

Goat Milk Beauty Balm

Our goat milk beauty balm is super versatile. It not only can be used for your lips, but to tame flyaway hairs, highlight cheekbones, as a lip balm, and cuticle cream. Also, apply this balm to any dry spot to add moisture without all the grease. 

Goat Milk Beauty Balm

Pair any of these lip treatments with a goat milk body treatment for a daily skincare routine that will have your body soft, hydrated, and glowing!

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